The Powerful Mid-sized Sharp 1.1 cu.ft Microwave             

Sharp 1.1 cu.ft Microwave

Sharp 1.1 cu.ft Microwave  – Sharp has been long known as a brand that releasing high-quality kitchen appliances around the world. One of the best kitchen appliances that Sharp has released is the microwaves. Many varieties of the microwaves are distributed in the market, started from the different kinds of installation, colors, capacity, and system.

For installation, there is countertop type, over the counter type, over the range type, and drawer type. For the finish color, there are white, stainless steel, and black as the options. For the system, there are carousel system, convection system, and the combination of them. And for the capacity, there are compact (0.7-0.9 cubic feet), mid-size (1.0-1.2 cubic feet), family-size (1.3-1.8 cubic feet), and full-size (1.9-2.2 cubic feet).

Looking at how wide the capacity range that Sharp provides for the market; the consumer can decide which capacity of microwave they will buy based on their daily needs and the size of their kitchen.

For people who usually cook for 1 or 2 people and having the not-to-big clip, the compact size is enough for them to use. For a small family, the mid-size is convincing enough, remembering the limited space in the kitchen and the needs of the family. Then for a big family, family-size or full-size is a great choice. And now, we will talk about Sharp 1.1 cu. ft. Microwave and why it can suit your kitchen better.

 Mid-sized Sharp 1.1 cu.ft Microwave Features

  • According to the size, Sharp 1.1 cu.ft microwave can contain 11.25” carousel turntable in it. A medium tray of pasta can be loaded into the microwave. It also is equipped with the 1000 watts of cooking power that can give you the rapid reheating and even cook. The combination of carousel turning table and the great electrical power can help you cook better by giving you food that is evenly cooked from the outside to the core.
  • Not only cooking, but you can also defrost your frozen meats and vegetable into a perfect thawing. The type that uses Convection cook option can also give you a better quality of baking and cook with the faster and more stable heat distributed inside.
  • Many of this mid-sized Sharp 1.1 cu.ft microwave is equipped with 5 or more auto cook programs, sensor cooking, one-touch cook program, child lock, and wipe-clean electronic touchpad with LED digital timer. This unit is easier to clean than the family-sized or the full-sized microwave. The smaller the size, the easier you should clean, right?
  • From the price, Sharp 1.1 cu. ft microwave is also better than its other big brothers. For you who have limited space in your kitchen, you can get this size of the microwave in 3 kinds of installation: countertop, over-the-counter, and over-the-range.
  • There is also a built-in trim kit available in each unit package so you can place your countertop units fits into your cupboard nicely.

For the further and more detailed information about this kind of unit, you can visit here.

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