A microwave is one of the most useful kitchen utensils aims to save your cooking time and double the taste of your food. A microwave is designated to do tasks like reheating your remaining food or packaged food, defrosting your frozen food, something that is easier to be done compared to conventional stoves.

Sharp Carousel Microwave is one of the microwaves that is going to offer you all the benefit and all the easiness for your beloved kitchen. It is mostly roomy with bigger capacity depending on the size of the microwave you choose. The bigger capacity microwave you want, the more you able to reheat or cook larger portions of food.

It is modernly designed with brushed stainless steel empowered with scratch-resistant glass door just to add more class on your favorite microwave. It is attached to modern technology such as one-touch controls, auto defrosts, Precise Cook Sensor Technology, and the Carousel turntable system, make it just efficient to cook your family’s favorite meals.

It is very easy for you to find and identify your Sharp Carousel Microwave Parts if your current microwave is damaged or needs to be replaced. Below is the brief explanation of Sharp Carousel Microwave Parts:

  • Sharp Microwave Coupling

If the turntable coupling from your microwave is somehow unable to function, meaning that it needs to be replaced. There are different types of turntable coupling for Sharp Carousel Microwave depending on which one suits the most with your microwave, and it comes with a various range of price as well.

  • Sharp Microwave Feet

Microwave feet can also be found a lot if you accidentally damaged one of your microwave feet. All you need to do is to find the replacement of the broken part for it to be stable. Sharp Carousel Microwave feet comes with different material, and some are made from plastic some are made from metal.

  • Sharp Microwave Glass Turntables

Glass turntable is one of the important parts of a microwave as a base for your plate or food inside the microwave. There are different types of glass microwave turntable depending on how large the glass you want for your microwave. Sharp Microwave can work with 270mm – 365mm glass turntable.

  • Sharp Microwave Lamps

If the lamp in your sharp carousel microwave has been damaged and affecting you performing the microwave tasks, it means your microwave lamp needs to be replaced. Microwave lamp has different models and power depending on the brands of microwaves. Model of Sharp for the lamp is the one suitable for your sharp carousel microwave such as Sharp T25 25W Microwave Bulb Assembly.

  • Sharp Microwave Motors

Turntable motor is the microwave part used to turn the glass plate inside your microwave. If it is no longer turning, then you need to replace the motor. Sharp Turntable motor is a genuine spare part for sharp microwave ovens with the specification; AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz, 2.5/3RPM.

  • Sharp Microwave Roller Rings

If you accidentally damaged the roller ring of your microwave or it is looking a little bit old and worn out, meaning it also needs to be replaced. Bear in mind that when you are planning to replace your old and worn out roller rings with the new one, make sure it is identical.

That is all about the Sharp Carousel Microwave Parts. For further information about the availability, price and where to find them, you can simply visit this link. >> Click here <<





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