A microwave is one of the most useful kitchen utensils aims to save your cooking time and double the taste of your food. A microwave is designated to do tasks like reheating your remaining food or packaged food, defrosting your frozen food, something that is easier to be done compared to conventional stoves. Sharp Carousel […]


HAIER MICROWAVE REVIEW – The purpose of this article to assist you in deciding whether you should get one of your future microwaves from Haier specifically Haier HMC920BEWW or not. Before proceeding to the review, let’s have a small peek to what HMC920BEWW can offer. Haier has introduced another advanced microwave named HMC920BEWW with several […]


Produced by GE. Appliances, GE Profile Spacemaker XL1800 Microwave Oven, is one of the best appliances to help people improve their kitchen at home. The microwave has sensor cooking controls that automatically adjusts power and time for your delicious cooking results and hidden vent that offers a streamlined and integrated appearance. GE Profile Spacemaker XL1800 […]

The Innovative Sharp Microwave Drawer 24 In.

Remodeling a kitchen often becomes a complex problem for some people. They usually do a remodeling out of bored with the layout, want to do a major cleaning in the kitchen, or they just want to remodel it for a new kitchen appliance that can fit perfectly in there. However, finding a perfect microwave that […]

2 Greatness in 1: Sharp Carousel Convection+Microwave Oven

Sharp, as one of the mega brands in the home appliance market, once again is leading in microwave category. Known as the brand which releases many kinds of high-quality microwaves, Sharp comes again with its microwave oven combination. Now, you don’t need a separated microwave and oven anymore. All benefits from microwave and oven are […]