Cooking with Kenmore Elite Microwave Convection Oven: 4 Useful Tips

kenmore elite microwave convection oven

A convection oven is a modern invention we all love. A product like Kenmore Elite Microwave Convection Oven, for example, is a great addition for all modern kitchens. It delivers more consistent heat that cooks all parts of the food evenly, resulting in better cooking result compared to a conventional oven. However, even if you use the best product, you still need good strategies to get a satisfying result.

Here are some tips to get a good cooking result with convection oven.

Modify Your Recipe at the First Time

When you just got a new oven, do experiment with your favorite recipes to avoid overcooking or undercooking. Some types of foods may get cooked in different ways depending on the oven specs. You can try shortening the cooking time a little bit. Ideally, you can shorten the cooking time for about a quarter; for example, if you usually bake chicken for 40 minutes, try baking it for 30 minutes with the new oven.

Shortening cooking time is a better choice because you can easily cook the food a bit more if the result is underdone. Refer to the manufacturer’s booklet for more detailed information. When you get the right temperature, stick with it.

Try Lowering the Oven’s Temperature

Another way to cook successfully with new convection oven is by lowering the temperature a little bit at the first time. This will help you experimenting with a new oven on old recipes. It is better to get undercooked food since you can just repeat the baking/roasting process. Experts say that lowering the temperature of 25 Fahrenheit degrees is a good start to experiment with a new convection oven.

If you think that 25 Fahrenheit is too general, you can use this formula: lower the temperature for 10% if you bake cookies, and 30% lower if you cook vegetables or meat. See if the results are satisfactory or easier to adjust.

Provide Enough Space around Food

The convection oven cooks your food by transferring heat throughout the surface of the food. If you use tray or container that does not provide enough space, the heat will not travel smoothly. You can end up with undercooked food! The solution is to use low container or tray whenever possible. Ideally, there must be at least 2 inches of clear space around the food. You must also place the tray in the right way to avoid ineffective heat transfer.

The same thing applies if you bake cookies using cookie tray. Make sure to choose tray that has rimless sides, in order to maximize the baking process on all surface of the cookies.

Choose the Right-Convection Oven

Finally, it is all about the quality of your oven. Depending on the manufacturer, you may get an oven that does not transfer heat effectively or making you do the guesswork when cooking. High-quality convection oven such as Kenmore helps you adjusting the recipes and lowering the risks of overcooking or undercooking. The powerful heat, sensor technology, and easy interface make this oven a great addition to any modern kitchen.

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