4 Affordable Kmart Microwave Ovens That Are Worth Buying  

kmart microwave ovens

Kmart microwave ovens – A fancy microwave oven is nice but is it worth the price? If you only need a microwave oven to make simple meals, do you even need to buy an expensive microwave with too many additional features? If you don’t concern about fanciness but functions, it’s better to buy one of Kmart microwave ovens!

Here are the most affordable Kmart microwave ovens which are worth buying.

20 Litre Kmart Microwave Ovens, each is only $49

You may find it’s hard to believe that there is an oven sold at a normal price of $49. Your disbelief is understandable because normally, people pay at least $150 to get a quality microwave oven. Now when you know that Kmart has a $49 microwave oven, you may wonder does this incredibly affordable kitchen appliance worth buying.

The answer is yes, the microwave oven is worth your money. If you have a tight budget or simply need a microwave to get your foods cooked, this one is for you. With your $49, you can get the microwave oven with the following features:

  • Push up open door
  • Six auto cooking menus
  • Digital display (clock and control panel with safety lock option)
  • Eleven microwave power levels
  • Defrost mode

With these features, you can cook your favorite menus and reheat the leftovers. It’s a good choice for a single living alone or couple who need to save money.

28 Litre Kmart microwave oven – $75

This bigger Kmart microwave oven is similar to the 20 L microwave oven, but it has only ten power levels and is without safety lock. That being said, people may argue that this particular microwave oven is not the best choice to buy. However, if your budget is so tight and you need to cook for your family, this microwave oven is worth buying.

25 Litre Kmart microwave oven – $89

This 25 L Kmart microwave oven is more expensive than the 28 L because it has safety lock option and the design is fancier too. This microwave oven uses stainless steel at its front part, makes it look so modern and fits the best with a modern kitchen.

You can roast chicken and make pudding with this microwave oven. Delicious pizza and crunchy popcorn are easy to make with this microwave oven too. However, considering this oven features are very basic compared to its price, many people opt for the more expensive 25 L Kmart microwave convection oven below.

25 Litre Kmart microwave convection oven – $119

With its price is near $120, the 25 L microwave convection oven is the most expensive in this list. This price is also around the same with the lowest price of microwave oven sold widely in various marketplaces.

What differs this 25 L microwave convention oven with the ones mentioned previously is it has fans which spread the heat to ensure your foods will be cooked perfectly. Moreover, it has eleven power levels to accommodate more variety ways of cooking.

The four Kmart microwave ovens are available in white. The design is simple but modern, one of the most preferred design nowadays. With the price is at $49-$119, these ovens are very affordable yet properly working.

So, if you want to save money, don’t hesitate to choose one of these worth buying kmart microwave ovens here! >> Click Here << 


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